A Picture of the Reading Process

Instead of tutoring in the top areas (progress can be made here--it just takes a long time and is hard), we fix the underlying building blocks so a person can succeed easily and move to independent competence.

In order to be able to read and write efficiently all components of the reading process need to be in place. The student must also have the ability to utilize all of the components in varying combinations as they are needed. These components are inter-related and any area may be weak due to a basic skill that is not in place, or it may be weak as a result of a weakness in another area. Symbol imaging allows the reader to remember how to read and spell sight words and adds to the speed in reading and spelling. Phonemic awareness allows the reader to monitor whether they have correctly read or spelled their sight words as well as providing the tools to figure out new words. Visual imaging allows the reader to understand and remember what is read.

Strategic Education, LLC makes sure all of the pieces are developed and work together so the reading process is easy and can progress rapidly.

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