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Strategic Education, LLC is available to provide services of basic educational nature as well as to provide refinement of skills for your employees. Our program is designed to facilitate maximum transfer from the learning situations to job performance.

Strategic Education, LLC tailors assessment programs to meet corporate goals and then provides each individual with the specific training he or she needs. The training may be performed on location or in one of our facilities.

We effectively remediate deficits in:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Oral Language Comprehension
  • Retention of Information
  • Decoding/Word Recognition
  • Spelling
  • Test Performance
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Math
  • Language Arts
  • Following Directions
  • Speech
  • Study Skills

When needed, employees can be given a battery of standardized tests such as the WRAT-R, GORT-R, Slosson, DTLA-2, and WRMT to determine his/her individual needs and an individual program is developed for that employee. We also develop group programs and seminars based on the needs of the individual and the company. Some of these topics include:

  • Effective Letter and Memo Writing
  • Technical Reading
  • Technical Writing
  • Reading for Pleasure
  • Reading for Reasoning
  • Spanish for Travelers


“YOUR EMPLOYEES CAN: Enhance Comprehension & Retention and Take Effective Meeting and Seminar Notes”

  • If an employee is not comprehending 100% of the training material being presented, you are losing training dollars. Often as much as 20% of your dollars!
  • If an employee is not retaining the material being presented, they will not put the information or your training dollars to use.

When new material is presented, the traditional approach is to focus on storing material, but employees also need to be able to retrieve that information when there is a need. Strategic Education, LLC can heighten comprehension and teach effective note taking. The result is better understanding and the ability to retain and retrieve information. Put 100% of your training dollars to work for you with a 3 hour workshop.

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If you are self-insured

If your company is self-insured you will be interested in our program for company dependents because it will reduce your insurance expenditures as well as absenteeism.

Strategic Education, LLC has a unique methodology that remediates basic skill deficits.

Children who cannot learn in school would rather be called the class clown or trouble maker than have someone realize that they aren't doing as well as their peers.

Some children may have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and need extensive, extended medical and psychological services. Many children, however, will be exhibiting hyperactive behavior because of learning disabilities or problems that have not been identified by the school.

Treating only the symptoms will cost your company extra insurance dollars.

Remediating the actual problem quickly and effectively through Strategic Education, LLC will save you insurance dollars as well as decrease time off for employees who previously needed to spend time at conferences and other meetings trying to deal with the difficulties of the child.

This, like our other corporate programs, can be provided on or off site and is designed to meet the needs and budget of your company.

Some Points to Consider

When someone says your child may be hyperactive

1) Parent must investigate where to have child checked.  Physician?  Psychiatrist?   Testing Center?  Where do you find resources or references?

1) Parent contacts Strategic Education, LLC for consultation and testing.

2) After deciding where to start, parent takes child in for evaluation and receives diagnosis.  May also get recommendation for follow up such as psychiatrist and/or medication.

2) SE gives full-scale evaluation.

3) Learning disabilities are diagnosed in 90% of the children and part of the treatment plan is to work on remediating these disabilities.

3) 90% will have basic skill deficits that can be remediated easily at SE.

4) Parents must search out resources for desired services.

4) 10% will need additional resources.  SE refers and co-ordinates all services.

5) Some positive steps have been initiated, yet child's behavior is still poor and learning disabilities have not been eliminated for child.

5) Development of basic skills changes behavior and self-esteem.  Problem resolved.



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