If all decoding skills are in place and a person can read accurately, fluently, and with the appropriate speed but still cannot easily comprehend material, then specific comprehension development is needed. This is also the case if a person has trouble with retention of information. Low comprehension ability is also referred to as a deficit in auditory processing for language.

Keiaira and Barb

Most programs that try to teach comprehension are truly only a measure of comprehension.Reading a paragraph over and over to answer questions does not teach comprehension, it only measures it. Strategic Education's programs actually develop comprehension. Language comprehension is profoundly affected by the individual's ability to create and/or use images as he/she reads or listens to language.Individuals with poor language comprehension often do not image well and, thus, cannot use images to interpret and relate words and sentences.

Symptoms may include:

  • having to read material several times in order to recall facts
  • difficulty following instructions or following directions
  • a weak sense of humor
  • inability to respond relevantly to conversation or to think logically

Stimulation and refinement of visual imagery in order to develop the process involved in oral language comprehension, reading comprehension, language expression, and critical thinking will greatly benefit the reader and increase their ability to connect and interpret oral and written language.

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