Parent's Checklist

Does your kindergarten or first grade child:

  • have trouble learning letter sounds (especially vowel sounds) and letter recognition?

Does your second grade child:

  • still confuse "b" and "d"?
  • still have trouble blending sounds together?
  • not remember common words and sight words?
  • have trouble following oral directions?

Does your child in third grade or above:

  • leave out sounds in words when reading or spelling?
  • have all the right sounds in words but in the wrong order when reading or spelling?
  • add extra sounds in words when reading or spelling?
  • guess at words by using the first or first and last letters only?
  • substitute words that are close in meaning such as "small" for "little"?
  • often misread sight words such as "to", "the", "some", "was"?
  • have to read material several times in order to understand it?

If these symptoms are present, it is time for special intervention. Call us so we can answer any questions and set up an appointment for your child's screening.

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