Math is very sequential in nature and often a student needs only to review or refine previous or current concepts.  Many times, however, there are basic underlying problems that are affecting the ability to understand math concepts.  Our goal is to develop the skills that allow a student to learn math effectively and to be independent of continual tutoring.

Our math program begins with an initial evaluation that lets us know what skills and weaknesses the student has and allows us to develop an individualized program based on the student's needs.

The individualized math program may include:

  • Developing basic number concepts such as parts and wholes, base ten, etc.
  • Developing or enhancing visualization and applying this process to math facts and concepts
  • Using specific techniques to clarify and provide deeper understanding of math concepts
  • Application of thinking and reasoning processes to homework

The length of the program depends on the needs of the student and how quickly and effectively these basic skills are integrated.

Call Strategic Education, LLC to find out what is really needed for success with math.

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