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Evaluating and correcting reading problems for both children and adults. Strategic Education, LLC provides educational services for those who are not reaching their potential or who have learning disabilities.

Programs are 1 on 1 and designed specifically for the needs of each person. Auditory processing — the ability to segment individual sounds or phonemes within words — is a key piece for those struggling with reading because of dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Auditory processing deficits are correctable and enable the reader to decode (read) words accurately and to have the ability to self-correct.

Teacher and student at work

Adults and children who go through this program are able to automatically identify the number, order, and sequence of sounds in words which is the basis for learning and remembering the written language. The best part of auditory processing development is that we make reading easy, enjoyable and fun! Intensive programs accommodate both in and out-of-town students.

Strategic Education, LLC works with children and adults. We provide educational services for those who are not reaching their potential or who have learning disabilities.

The key areas where Strategic Education, LLC improves performance:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Retention of Information
  • Spelling
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Math
  • Following Directions
  • Study Skills
  • Oral Language Comprehension
  • Decoding/Word Recognition
  • Test Performance
  • Accent Reduction
  • Language Arts
  • Speech
  • Phonemic Awareness

Strategic Education, LLC specializes in working with children and adults who:

  • have dyslexia
  • have been diagnosed with auditory processing deficits
  • are non-readers
  • are not reaching their potential in reading and/or school
  • are in special reading programs
  • are learning disabled
  • have been diagnosed with ADD and ADHD
  • need to improve their comprehension skills
  • need to improve their reading and writing skills

Each student is given a battery of standardized tests to determine his/her needs and an individual program is developed for that student. Students are taught processes that enable them to become independent, self-correcting learners.

Strategic Education, LLC is committed to each individual client and to their success in school and work.

We Provide Intensive Programs for our Out-of-Town Clients

A typical intensive program would be 6-8 hours daily for 1 to 3 weeks. The student would receive instruction from several clinicians daily using a step-by-step program. A lunch period and frequent breaks are a part of each day.

For More Information:

In the Kansas City Area
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8600 W. 95th St., Suite 207
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In Middle Tennessee
Camy McArdle

Strategic Education, LLC is an
Approved Educational Supplemental Service Provider
for the No Child Left Behind Act.

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